It comes not the way we think

Dear friends and supporters of Trätro !

I am writing my new message from Mozambique after my crisis, which I shared with our employees yesterday.

In view of a church without a roof, which was 4x as big as we had planned, and a house for visitors and trainees, which was also much larger than I imagined, I made it clear,

– that you can’t work like that with us,

– that our construction plan and our vision of a training center must be respected

– that our resources are limited and we are not comparable to larger NGOs

– that we have only about 45 regular donors, and few extra gifts in larger amounts (which became even less due to the energy crisis in Europe)

– that we also have to take care of the orphanage in Angonia

– that my own resources are also limited

Everyone listened and apologized for all the mistakes that had happened and that some of them had not yet noticed the vision of a training center, and that the construction plan was not feasible for various reasons of safety and cultural conditions.

  • Then we heard passionate pleas for a great church, because more than 50-100 people are already coming to our services, many more will follow, because they have heard here of God who loves them and frees them from many burdens.
  • Reference was made to the vision, which is much greater because it is God’s plan
  • And that God is not limited – He makes everything possible – with us and without us
  • It is already bringing visitors who are enthusiastic about our vision of the training center and want to help
  • E.g. by a peanut butter machine that can be picked up in South Africa (found out yesterday)
  • The small beginnings were also highly appreciated:

– lessons in waste processing into art objects, which will give many young people the opportunity to make a living from their sale

– the school help for children who come to us

– physical education and football together

– the people of the region can get free water from us

– Anna’s English lessons inspire many and equip them for the future

– Also my sewing course and health teachings, including botany and farming, wound care and production of ointments, soaps, jams

– And last but not least, some employees have a modest income (and it is an art to survive here with about 80 euros minimum wage, but many have no job at all, how they survive is a mystery to me, because the state pays nothing!)

In the end, I cried and was ashamed of the great trust in God and the dedication of our employees to AVA, our association for blessed life. I realized my impatience, my all-too-human thinking, my lack of trust in God’s provision. Once again, I saw the burden only on my shoulders.

I also want to think and believe big like my AVA Family!

I am also encouraged by the Bible verse of the day:

“More than anything else, protect your heart/mind – for life emanates from them!” (Proverbs of Solomon, chap.4)

I would also like to encourage you to do this: trust God for all your difficulties and challenges.

He wants to shape and strengthen you in it.

So our meeting yesterday also contributed to the fact that we understood each other better and that we are even more cordially connected.

Kanimambo Jesu! (Thank you Jesus – in Shangan)

My dear husband landed home safely yesterday! We are grateful for a good time together here, which was even more difficult for Heinz because he was not so involved in the workshops, but his generous heart and his potato salad with bean loaf will be remembered by many! 😊

In the attachment there are pictures, also of our new AVA folder, which we print here, more updates and pictures you can follow 😊 on my facebook page

Sabine Appel-Mohrs | Facebook


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