Catastrophy from rain

Dear friends and supporters of Trätro (drying tears in Africa) 11.2.2023
While the help for the victims of the earthquake in Turkey and Syria is running (also my “church at the
egde” sent 30 big boxes with clothes for winter and blankets on the way)
I got new message of Mozambique today

  • that in the capital City of Maputo and the area around is flooded with heavy rains since
  • last week we heared, that the heat was unbearable and burnt the harvest on the fields…
  • now more than 50.000 people had to leave there houses
  • many of them survive at the roof of their house
  • many get sick because of being wet constantly
  • have no food
  • also our rented house at the dump is
    flooded (for one family, who had to live
    without house on the dump)
  • our AVA community cooked meals and provided
    for the needy people
  • much more of this is needed!

I know, many would like to put their head into the sand, they cannot hear anymore of
needs around us, but as long as we have some power we want to help people in
please pray with us for the poorest in Mozambiqu, Turkey, Syria,… and that the
needy and the helpers do not loose power and courage!
If you can help, please use our account:
Many thanks for all working together!
May god bless you and fulfill your needs!
Sabine Appel-Mohrs
Tränen trocknen in Afrika e.V. (drying tears in Afrika)

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